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The pleasure of traveling in a glass of great wines...

Drinking wine is a 360° sensory experience, but drinking the same wine accompanied by those who produce it is a unique experience!!

The winery, is certainly the most suitable place to learn about one of the excellent products of Made in Italy.

A visit to the cellar allows you to immerse yourself in the authentic traditions of the territory, get to know the producers, feel the aromas of the wine that change during the 4 seasons and finally taste a glass of history, inside the location that best suits that represents the wine traditions of Italy.

Find out what you can do!!


A wine tour in Italy is one of the best way to discover the true essence of the country - come and experience it by yourself. If you are passionate or just curious by the world of Italian wine, WINE TRAVELS FOR YOU will help you create an extraordinary and unforgettable wine tour in any Italian region.


Relaxing stays in beautiful structures in the most authentic Italy. You will live unique experiences discovering the carefully selected small wineries by coming into close contact with those who created and manages them in the major Italian wine-growing areas.


NADIA'S WINE CLUB has been designed to give unique emotions, share the passion for this land and reveal the secrets of its great food and wine tradition with the intention of giving life to a community of people who share the same passion for the world of wine.


Montalcino Wine and Food tour

Enjoy an unforgettable day: let yourself be guided through the rolling hills and vineyards while admiring the beautiful Tuscan landscapes!

From grain to pasta: an experience not to be missed in Val d’Orcia

If you want to rediscover the taste of simple but tasty and well-made food, of flours that are disappearing but that are valued in an excellent way here, this is the experience for you

Truffle Hunting & Cooking Lesson

Find truffles and eat them!! Truffle hunter and chef on the same day: a unique experience

Dinner in the cellar with the producer

A unique experience!! A meeting between the flavors of traditional Montalcino cuisine and the local wines of the territory: a complete tasting experience

Cooking class with the local lady

The traditions of Tuscany are strongly related to its flavours and its food

Montalcino between vineyards and wine cellars

The producers, vineyards, wine, are just waiting for you, come to visit and taste.

Montalcino & Val d’Orcia in freedom

Move around freely with a rental car for an independent vacation, deciding about your time table and schedule.

Tasting by night

To have special andunforgettable evening, by the sunset at a close from the Brunello vineyards.