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Slow food & gourmet

Combining the experience of traveling with excellence food.

Land of flavors and culture, Italy is a true paradise for gourmets:  it means  elegance and style

Ours is a country with so many differences that there are reflected even on food production even on gastronomical traditions.

Traveling through Italy gives you the chance to taste them and also to test new recipes to whet your appetite.

Each region offer its own specialties as well as to enhance the pleasure of dining.

From the typical  kitchen of the Aosta Valley to the traditional dishes of Sardinia, Sicily and Tuscany, Italy shows its unforgettable dishes that are celebrated all around the world: bread, meats, sauces and condiments, rice, meat, fish dishes, vegetables, desserts and fruit,  if are prepared by expert hands can really delight  the most refined palate.

Those who wants to go on holiday in Italy, can’t ignore the research of the best pleasures of the table, certainly guaranteed in our country

But how can you find the right way to satisfy yours " foody whims "?

WINE TRAVELS FOR YOU give you the answers to these and other questions, propose you the "Itineraries of flavours" to discover the Italian "delicacies": a high quality product for a client who wants to be accompanied to the discovery of the cultural heritage and the hidden secrets of the Italian gastronomy and enology


Can't find what you're looking for? We are at your disposal to realize any customized itinerary.
Call your assistant WINE TRAVELS FOR YOU  +39 0577 846021 or send us an email at

Bacchus meets Cupid

Treat yourself to a fantastic, romantic weekend with your sweet half in the heart of the hills of Val d'Orcia!

The Orcia Valley and the Montalcino's wineries

Discover one of the most beautiful valleys in Italy: Montalcino and the Val d'Orcia
A journey through the flavors of tradition and its wines through the most characteristic towns in Italy

Montalcino and its wines: discovering Brunello

Local scents and flavors become the protagonists of special itineraries that guide travelers to discover the rural territory, guardian of art, culture and history

Montalcino between vineyards and wine cellars

The producers, vineyards, wine, are just waiting for you, come to visit and taste.

Autumn flavors

Montalcino is presented with the autumn dress and proposes stays where culture and nature together to typical seasonal cuisine, offer moments of reflection and cultural enrichment.

The "Flavor" weekend in Montalcino

Come to Montalcino to celebrate "the St. Martino's summer"
Two days of entertainment with music and amusement for children, wine tasting and local products

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