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Wine tasting in cellar

A unique sensory experience, a formula of tourism that knows no age and gives its  best in every season

The wine is one of the typical products of Italian excellence and much to be known, appreciated and exported all over the world

The winery, is definitely the best place to learn about one of the products of excellence of Made in Italy

A visit into the cellar allows you to immerse yourself into the authentic traditions of the different territories, you will meet the producers, feel the aromas of the wine which change during the 4 seasons and finally enjoy a glass of history, in the location that best interprets the Italian wine-tradition

A great opportunity to discover the fascinating world of wine and stay in contact with the producers

If you're passionate or just curious about the world of Italian wine, WINE TRAVELS FOR YOU will help you to create a unique and unforgettable wine& tasting tour in any Italian region


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Quercecchio winery

The farm Quercecchio, historic cellar of Brunello di Montalcino, is absolutely worth a visit for its beautiful position, as well as for its products. The firm Quercecchio has a long history.


The history of Camigliano dates back to a very ancient time. The Etruscans most certainly dwelled here, coming from the coast of Maremma and following the Ombrone river up-country


Caparzo is one of the most prestigious and popular estates in Montalcino for quality and special style of his wine. Caparzo has 200Ha of which 90 are vineyards.

Tricerchi Castle

The estate is situated on the north side of Montalcino and extends for 400 hectares, of which thirteen are cultivated as vineyards.
In the centre stands the castle, originally built in the thirteenth century by the Altesi family and completed in 1441 by the Tricerchi family. It served as a fortress for pilgrims marching to Rome on the Francigena road.

Conti Costanti

The villa “Colle al Matrichese”, built in the 15th century, has been the residence of the Costanti family since the middle of the 15th century; in this area there is evidence of well cultivated vines since the 18th century.

Fattoria dei Barbi

Fattoria dei Barbi is one of the historical estate in Montalcino. For centuries the Colombini family worked with love and passion the land, cultivating, cereals and grapes, from which they made the world wide famous Brunello di Montalcino.

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