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The weather, the beauty of its coastline, the wealth of art and history, its cuisine and its people make it a region all to see and love.


Puglia embodies the essence of pure Mediterranean for its monumental simplicity. Foreigners are just a simply anecdote in this southeastern region of Italy whose most important symbol is the Salento peninsula, the popular "boot heel". It seems for its authenticity that Italians have kept in secret this territory, which ranges between rural and sea, between the homemade stew and fresh fish served without dressing, between the sandy beaches of the Ionian Sea and the rugged Adriatic coast.Tourism is very developed thanks to beautiful beaches like Gargano, Tremiti Islands and Salento. Must be underlined the architectural uniqueness of the Itria Valley, the importance of Bari and the Fiera del Levante (Levante Fair) for business. In addition, the region is rich in an ancient legacy given by people who lived there in the past, like the farmers who have built the “trulli” five centuries ago.


The second largest island in the Mediterranean sea, is an Italian region where tradition and culture live together in a special way. It is characterized by its great natural beauty and for its beautiful beaches that make it a major tourist destination.


Sicily is the largest Italian island and the most southern but also the largest of the twenty Italian regions. In this land, the Mediterranean offers scenery, scents and flavors so unique and intense that just an unspoiled nature can do it. It’s characterized by a great variety of landscapes, but also multiethnic center and heart of exchanges and conquests over the centuries. The beautiful cities of the island are a concentration of history and traditions remained intact despite the centuries. Other islands surrounding Sicily are Egadi, Pantelleria, Ustica, Aeolian and Pelagie so similars to the beauty of their land and so peculiar to nature, tradition, art and history. We can find the ancient origins of Sicily in the precious archaeological sites and also the flavors of traditional Sicilian dishes.