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Museo Contadino di Somma Vesuviana

The Museum of Rural Life "Michele Russo" Arts, Crafts and Traditions of Somma Vesuviana, is an institution open to the public since 1995.
It collects about 3,000 objects, tools, implements and finds from the Vesuvian area and the province of Naples, concerning the rural culture refers to a historical period before the introduction of agricultural machinery on the cultivated field. The museum, in addition to preserving the memory linked to the rural society through conservation and making available to the public the testimony "material" and "immaterial" of the rural world, has increasingly turned its attention to the field and laboratory teaching, with special initiatives to make available to teachers and students of different types and levels of schools, a cultural offer that would go meet their training needs.
With the experience gained over 15 years, from 2009 he began to imbue the museum development programs for students, for adults and culturally motivated users, expanding and strengthening its presence in the area through the launch of projects that aim to recast the exhibition and communication concept of the collection.

Agricultural activities, set up in 20 areas;
Are documented in this area the transport systems used in the work of the farmers and in exchange activities and transportation by pack animals or animal-drawn vehicles. They are exposed oxens and yokes for cattle and horses, single or double, and vehicles with wheels animal-drawn (wagon, two-wheeled cart with steering of two poles).

The teaching areas
Wine room;
The tools document the different stages of cultivation of the vine and wine production.

Room crafts;
This section set up different installations devoted to some of the most ancient crafts and their tools.

Room of food production;
This collection includes the tools of farmyard work, the grain processing and equipment related to the production cycle-corn processing.

Power peasant stand;
They are presented the typical objects of the domestic hearth of the peasant house: scales, pots, kettles, spoons, containers for storage.

Section ethnomusicology;
here you find the main instruments for performing traditional and peasant festive rituals tammurriate.

Stables with working animals and poultry;
Section mainly dedicated to teachers and students, the exhibition also reserves a number of ideas to explain the sacred protection of spaces for animals and their place in everyday life and in the rural economy.

Teaching garden;
In a particular place, they grow horticultural plants and edible season.

Museo Contadino di Somma Vesuviana

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