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Get fun between authenticity and excellence

Italy has a smell and a flavor all its own, in every corner has something to offer to its visitors, from tasty aromas of sparkling wine until the precious scent of truffles.

Tradition is the protagonist  with which. thanks to the work of its people, you can savor the delicacies of the past.

Not only traditional products but also the trades of the past, with tools and utensils, telling the story of the peasant culture of the past.

The taste Museums are an expression of a local dimension that wish to project beyond the borders, conscious to represent constituent legacy of Italian appearance, a real journey through culture and knowledge, a path in the exploration of the senses.

We are speaking about technical, knowledge, culture. A perfect combination of work culture which has always supported the man's daily needs but also of flavors, aromas and delicious tastes.

That’s why we want to create immersive and interactive experiences for all ages, that stimulate all the senses and create a deep bond with the territory.


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Museo del Vino e della Civiltą Contadina di Palermo

The Wine Museum of Wine and Rural Life is the result of meticulous collecting and wiseacre of an experienced and passionate Sicilian culture that has dedicated his life to pass on, to adults and children, the story of the wine culture of Sicily.

This is one of those local museums that focus on territory and community: on the tools, images and voices of those who made and used them in a simpler time and place; one based on work, food, wine, traditional feasts, music, techniques and skills.

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